Decoded Leather Slim Cover Macbook Air 13-inch Brown

Mã sản phẩm:D4MA13SC1BN

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Leather Slim Cover for MacBook

Leather Slim Cover

for MacBook


The Decoded MacBook Air Slim Cover (for 11” and 13”) is made of premium full-grain Aniline leather. Both the front and backside of this cover are padded, adding an additional layer of protection. We designed it to feel solid and protective without adding much mass or weight to your netbook. The inside is covered with our surface which protects your MacBook Air from dents and scratches. As a product of nature, leather will become richer as it ages, adding a unique vintage look and feel over time.

Slim Cover for Macbook


  • Made of premium full-grain Aniline leather
  • Slim design
  • Micro-fiber inlay for protection of your MacBook
  • Leather strap keeps your MacBook closed when needed
  • Easy access
  • Available in black and brown

Quality of Decoded

At Decoded, it is our passion and philosophy that great design needs no compromise. As a result your MacBook Air Slim Cover looks nothing short of spectacular. We take the utmost care to make sure our products combine seamlessly with your Macbook Pro, making sure the difference in weight, feel and usage is minimal.

Available for:

Apple MacBook Air 11″
Apple MacBook Air 13″
Apple MacBook Pro 13″
Apple MacBook Pro 15″

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