Tai Nghe Bluetooth Sound ID 300

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Features :

  • Sound ID 300 Universal Bluetooth Headset.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as cell phones and PDAs.
  • NoiseNavigation™ optimizes speech intelligibility at both ends of the conversation via dual microphones and automatic reduction of wind and background noise.
  • PersonalSound™ provides 3 custom hearing choices to increase speech clarity and boost your listening power.
  • RealComfort™ earloops enhance wearing comfort and better channel sound into your ear.
  • Multi-function button for controlling various functions including answering and ending calls.
  • Automatic volume control.

Specifications :

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 53.5mm x 15.5mm x 7.5mm (2.1’’ x 0.6’’ x 0.3’’)
  • Weight : 8 grams (0.28 oz.)
  • Battery performance of up to 6 hours of talk time or 229 hours of standby time.
  • Offers a wireless connection range of 30 feet (10 m).

Package Includes :

  • Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset (Black)
  • 1 Earloop
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Charger
  • User Manual
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